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Shenzhenshi Saidiwei Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Fabricante personalizado
Productos principales:Collar, Pulsera, Anillo, Pendiente, Colgante
Annual export US $4,002,642Years in industry(14)Minor customizationFull customization
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Founded in 2014, KRKC&CO is a jewelry manufacturer specializing in men's jewelry. Since our inception, we have experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a startup to achieving an annual revenue of $39 million USD. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to providing the most competitive hip-hop jewelry in the market.
At KRKC&CO, we prioritize fashionable designs, excellent quality, and exquisite craftsmanship, all while maintaining the most competitive prices. Over the past nine years, we have proudly served over 3,000 jewelry brands and retailers worldwide. Our dedication has garnered the favor of two million customers.
Our vision is to become the world's premier hip-hop brand, catering to the demand for affordable high-quality jewelry.
Our Advantage
Our business philosophy mirrors the values upheld by Sam's Club, IKEA, and Uniqlo. We prioritize our attention on a carefully selected range of 2,000 best-selling SKUs, while also emphasizing efficient production for each SKU, leading to significant cost reductions.
Unparalleled Quality
Enhanced Reputation and Customer Satisfaction with our high quality jewelry
One stop Wholesale Solutions
We help you enhance Your Brand by Custom Logo, branding Packaging, custom design(odm) Services, and More
Small business friendly
Ready to ship within 48 hours, our jewelry wholesale solution is perfect for Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify sellers
Unbeatable industry pricing
Unlock higher profits and gain a competitive edge with our competitive wholesale prices